It starts with an introductory meeting

I will visit you at home to make an inventory of your wishes. We map out what you want to achieve, the things you struggle with and what I, as an organizer, can do for you.

Plan of action

During the meeting I will indicate what I can help you with and how I can do this. I will draw up a plan with which we can get to work. My approach is personal and tailor-made, this means it is adapted to your wishes and capabilities. Privacy is important in my profession; I will not share anything with others without your permission.

I work in 3-hour sessions. This can be a one-off or we can make regular appointments. We will work together, while I give advice and coach you in the art of organising.

The duration of the coaching depends on the size of the job and how well you can work to achieve the goals we have set together in between our sessions.

There is no better time to start than the present!

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Overview Coach is a member of the Dutch Association of Professional Organisers (NBPO). The NBPO has a code of conduct that stands for quality and professionalism.  Click here for my profile on the website of the NBPO.

Mrs A. from Enschede, a freelancer who is often easily distracted because of ADHD, says:

“Gerda has helped me to actually start tidying up my house. It has helped me a lot to learn that you can tidy up through a certain set of steps. Gerda gives useful tips for tidying up stuff but also for organising your administrative work.”