Coaching at home

It is pleasant to have things around you. Useful things and beautiful things. It is satisfying to build a collection of something specific. But… it can become too much sometimes. The house is full, you’re looking for the things you know you have but can’t see the forest for the trees anymore.

Or: you have your household in order. But an event like moving in together or an inheritance can make your house overcrowded. And if there is little time left because of a busy job, all that stuff in your house gradually becomes a major obstacle. The house is full, the attic and garage are overloaded, and you even start thinking about moving to a bigger house or renting external storage.

If managing by yourself becomes difficult I can help you by teaching you a good clearing and organising technique. Together we will get to work and you will see that you succeed. Your goal is the main focus, and I will help you find the way to reach it. This method is tried and tested. I will teach you a technique that you’ll then be able to apply on your own later.

Home organisation: downsizing or growing older

Many people to downsize at some point in their life. The family home, which has been a joy to live in, has become a size too big. But people are often held back because all sorts of things have to be sorted through, simply because not everything can come with you. Moving is in the top 10 of stressful events for a reason, after all.

There are also more and more elderly people who are choosing to take steps to clear out all the stuff they have collected over their lifetime themselves. Mainly because they do not feel it is fair to saddle their family with all of these collections.

I can help you define what is important for you to keep. We take stock of the current situation and the end goal. After that we will start sorting, which things have to stay, and which things can go without you having to take a look at. These things can include (older) paperwork or administrative records. The things that you have decided to get rid of don’t necessarily have to end up on the rubbish dump either. If desired, I can give advice or help sell it, have it auctioned off, or make sure it ends up at a charity shop.

Help with moving

You may want help with the actual moving process. For many people, a move is a major and sometimes stressful event in which planning is important. Items have to be sorted and packed. A moving date has to be set and after the move everything has to be unpacked again and given a place in the new home. In addition to the physical move, there are also a number of administrative arrangements that need to be made. Think about passing on meter readings and address changes to various agencies.

I can help create a realistic plan and guide and monitor the move. Depending on your wishes, I can help you arrange all the practical and administrative matters and assist in sorting and packing your belongings.

Organising your administration

Do you also get annoyed by unsolicited post in your mailbox? Sometimes confusing letters from an organization that does not give you any clear information. Sometimes the amount can grow to be too much causing you to just leave the mail unopened. You lose the big picture and at some point you don’t know where to start.

I can help you by making an inventory of your overdue mail and distinguishing between what is important from what is unimportant. This can even save you money by cancelling forgotten subscriptions immediately and dealing with the backlog of bills. I will teach you a system that will allow you to retrieve, open, and process your mail without worry, because you know what needs to be done with it.

Please note: what I do not do is debt counselling. I can, however, work with you to ensure that the right papers are submitted for assistance from the right organisations.

Mrs. F. from Enschede about the coaching:

“The first time I met Gerda was pleasant. She asks the right questions. She reminds me of the answers I gave regularly, so that I can keep my focus. She has a practical approach and is also realistic. Tidying up is a lot of work. I now have a more realistic view of what needs to happen and also of how I can tackle it without getting completely tangled in it. It also helps me to get back to work on my own. She also gives compliments regularly, which was gratifying and stimulating”.